• Workshops and Training

    Employers, Colleges, Businesses
    Workshops and training seminars require a lot of behind-the-scenes efforts and dollars to be successful, and video can get your more value out of an otherwise one-time event.
    Vecc Videography has recorded numerous workshops and training seminars, as well as helped create unique training videos for employers. A clean, well-edited and recorded workshop or training video can give your business the edge that it needs to succeed.
    Organizations know that workshops are resource intensive events, and with well-produced videos, organizations can reach an even greater audience. Not everyone can attend a workshop in-person, but most can access a video.
    What is it about YOUR ORGANIZATION that you wish you could share?

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    Workshops and training

    seminars can take on a

    variety of presentation styles.


    Whether a sit-down

    PowerPoint presentation

    or out in the field


    Vecc Videography can

    work with you.


    This video is part of a series taken during a day-long workshop that was held mostly outside with hands-on demonstrations and tours. Vecc Videography produced the film to be engaging, accurate, and efficient with clear sound and images.


    RUPCO is a housing and community development organization that hosts a workshop for first-time homeowners. Vecc Videography created this series of videos that the organization has shared to reach its audience that may not have the resources to attend such workshops in person.