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    Get the Word Out
    Organizations, businesses, non-profits and schools all have a lot to offer. Their programs and events can be hit-or-miss without a strong marketing plan and social network reach.
    Whether it's a one-time promo for a single event or a full social media campaign, Vecc Videography can work with your group to get the word out.
    What is it about YOUR ORGANIZATION that you wish the world could know?

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    These videos are examples of

    what has been created

    to promote businesses,

    programs, and events.


    Vecc Videography has

    created several social media

    promotional campaigns in

    addition to one-time videos.

    Walton Theatre

    Vecc Videography is working with the local, historical Walton Theatre to produce promos for its various programs, as well as helping to manage its social media platforms.

    The Suicide Prevention Network of Delaware County

    The Suicide Prevention Network has partnered with Vecc Videography to produce a series of videos under New York State's "#bethe1to" suicide awareness program. These promotional videos have allowed the organization to garner more grant dollars and reach a wider audience that is in need of its help.

    Delaware County Fair

    The Delaware County Fair is a celebrated local tradition that has partnered with Vecc Videography for the past two years. The fair runs the promo videos on its social media sites which have reached over 240,000 viewers. Along with the promos, Vecc Videography also does on-site short documentary and event videos that are used throughout the year.