• Media Campaigns

    What to Do with All that Video?
    So what are you going to do with all of those videos that you've created?
    Vecc Videography specializes in creating full-suite social media campaigns to get your videos out to your target audience. Vecc Videography can also work with your group to create posts that go beyond videography to create an engaging presence in the digital world.

    Vecc Videography is with you every step of the way with your project and can even take you through to the sharing and post-production phases.


    Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are key to sharing your message far and wide. If your organization doesn't have a marketing department or your marketing department is already overworked, Vecc Videography is available to assist in either one-time postings or full


    Video Campaign

    Suicide Prevention Network of Delaware County

    This organization's campaign included a one-minute video that was released once per week on their Facebook page for a period of three months. Vecc Videography posted the video and shared it to relevant groups, providing metrics of the videos' reach and impacts to the organization midway and at the end of the campaign.

    Video and Post Campaign

    The Walton Theatre

    The Walton Theatre is a non-profit, mostly volunteer organization that is currently working with Vecc Videography on promo videos for the theatre. Its social media presence was in need of a boost and it brought Vecc Videography on to not only post videos, but also to manage other relevant postings.