• Event Coverage

    One-Time Events or Recurring
    Event videos by Vecc Videography have been used by a number of clients to publicize their events and organizations, celebrate and record triumphs, and widen their audience.
    Whether the event is a one-time event such as a wedding that you want to remember or the opening of new business locations, Vecc Videography can be there.
    What is it about YOUR EVENT that you wish you could see again?

  • Project


    These videos are examples of

    the types of events that

    groups, individuals, non-profits

    and other may want recorded.


    Vecc Videography wants to

    help you celebrate your

    successes and create cherished

    videos of your event.


    Festival of Women Writers Event Recap

    The Festival of Women Writers is a three day event in the beautiful Catskill Village of Hobart. This video captures the spirit of the festival and helps organizers fund raise for the future.


    The non-profit housing and community development organization RUPCO has been an ongoing client. Not only has RUPCO and Vecc Videography created event videos together, but also documentaries and promos.

    New York Epicurean Events

    This is one video from a number of videos produced during the Charcuterie Masters event hosted by New York Epicurean Events. Material from multi-day events such as this can be used to create numerous smaller promos and materials to get people excited for the next event.

    CNY Train Develop Optimize

    An annual event, the NEXT Conference & Tech Showcase presents the latest innovative technology in the fields of manufacturing and biotech. This video appears on the conference's homepage to advertise for its upcoming event.