• Drone

    Aerial Views

    This is a creative category with endless possibilities for all kinds of clients.


    High-end drone technology creates one-of-a-kind video which many groups find useful. Vecc Videography is an FAA licensed drone pilot who can help you navigate the ins and outs of drone waivers, permits, and the like while creating a unique perspective for your project.


    What is it about YOUR VIEW that you wish the world could see?


  • Project


    Drone footage can give a fun

    perspective to your video

    and show off places or views

    that are meant to be seen

    from above.


    Otsego Land Trust

    The Otsego Land Trust has easements on parcels of land that can be upwards of 150 acres, much of it wooded, in wetlands, or under water. Drones allow these places to be seen while also maintaining a very low-impact on the environment.