• Documentary Film

    Many Groups Working Together
    This is a creative category that is tailored to each group's story-telling needs.
    Documentary-style videos allow groups to direct and target their message.
    Vecc Videography has successfully worked with community groups to familiarize their surrounding communities with their work, values, and beliefs in welcoming, honest, and intimate videos.
    Extended documentary films have the capability to delve deeper into communities and community issues which allows for a wider conversation to be held.
    What is it about YOUR COMMUNITY that you wish the world could know?

  • Project


    These videos are examples of

    what has been created

    through close collaboration

    with community groups.


    Extended documentaries

    can be tailored to your

    group's own creative vision,

    message, and needs.

    Smacked! Heroin Addiction and Recovery in Rural America

    This film was produced by Vecc Videography in response to the growing opioid epidemic in America. The film has won several awards and been selected for numerous film festivals. The film screenings and the panel/audience dialogue that follows have resulted in positive changes and actions being made in our local communities.

    The Mica Movie-Life is Short.

    Bite Hard!

    This documentary film was commissioned by Heather Rowland, an individual with a deep love for her rescue dog, Mica. It is a celebration of dogs and the depths to which people love them. The full film is over 30 minutes.

    Bienvenidos A Fleischmanns

    One of Vecc Videography's first award-winning documentary productions, Bienvenidos A Fleischmanns is an intimate portrait of an Hispanic immigrant community living in a small village in rural New York state. The full film runs over 60 minutes.

    Robert: Portrait of an Art-er

    Vecc Videography's premier award-winning documentary, Robert: Portrait of an Art-er is a profile of a Delaware County artist. The full film runs over 40 minutes.