• Recent Work

    Documentary Style Storytelling for Non-Profits

    Award Presentation Video

    This video was shot and edited over a few days and shown during an awards luncheon

    Short Documentary

    The Catskill Watershed Corporation administers a number of programs that maintain water quality in the Catskill Watershed. This video in it's long form is great for presentations and educational settings. It will be split up into sections focusing on each program for more targeted marketing.

    Case Study Video

    This case study followed a fixed-income senior, and a young family, who participated in a Manufactured Home Replacement Program through RUPCO in Kingston, NY.

    This video is used by all the stakeholders in the program nationwide. It is also available on social media where it helps build community awareness.

    Short Documentary

    The Story of Solid Waste in Delaware County NY is unique and the Public Works department wanted to make sure the community knows why! This video is shown in local classrooms, and at the local university, as well as on social media.