• Documentary

    Non-Profits: Tell Your Story
    This is a creative category that is tailored to each client's story-telling needs.
    Documentary-style videos can make a difference for your non-profit organization.
    Vecc Videography has successfully worked with non-profits to garner public interest in their organizations, capture grant dollars to widen organizations' reach, and to intimately portray the meaningful contributions that such organizations make to their larger communities.
    What is it about YOUR ORGANIZATION that you wish the world could know?

  • Project


    These videos are examples of

    what has been created

    through close collaboration

    with non-profit organizations.


    The opportunity for creativity

    is as limitless as your

    non-profit's dedication.

    Delaware County Electric Cooperative

    This project was recently completed and celebrates the local electric cooperative's history with members' memories and firsthand accounts from employees.

    Otsego Land Trust

    Otsego Land Trust chose video to get their message out to the public about the programs that they offer and to attract new potential partners to the world of land protection.

    ARC of Delaware County

    The Arc of Delaware County recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a collection of videos honoring the people that it serves and those who assist them.